The Benefits of a Smokers’ Lounge

When it comes to smoking and vaping, there are a number of drawbacks to this ubiquitous vice. After all, if you smoke or vape yourself, I’m sure you’ve noticed just how often that interferes with your life, as most establishments don’t permit either within the building or sometimes even on the premises. In many cases, even renting an apartment can leave you feeling left out in the cold, literally and figuratively, when even your home is not a safe space for you. This is really rather harsh considering the smoking and vaping are addictive by design, and so you’re being punished for something that isn’t your fault. However, maybe you, yourself, simply don’t want to smoke or vape around your own home, but you probably still don’t want to be stuck smoking outside when the Winter hits. Therefore, having a smoking lounge within you home can do you a lot of good. Here are some tips to make this dream a reality.

First and foremost, you’re obviously going to need a spare room to convert into your smoking lounge, so this isn’t for everyone. Once you have the space you need, it’s time to start getting creative. You’re going to need seating, of course, for yourself and any other smokers living with you, and possibly even accommodations for guests. Once you’ve taken care of this essential first step, you can decorate with decor from Home Decorators Collection. This is when you infuse the lounge with some much needed personality. You’ll want to create and cultivate a relaxing atmosphere, as smoke breaks are also a way of coping with stress to begin with, so you wouldn’t want stress to be a result of the lounge, of course.
This is where our friends over at garage craftsman can help you, they’ll show you how to use your table saw and your band saw to create the perfect smoking lounge.
One concern we have about smoking in the home is nicotine stains, so we need to take that into consideration. While you can clean the walls regularly to keep these stains at bay, you may also want to invest in a darker coat of paint or wallpaper in the lounge that will both make the stains nigh invisible and contribute to the relaxing atmosphere you desire.

The Cost of Smoking in the Workplace

The Cost of Smoking in the Workplace

For most, they do not think a vapor pen is really needed and yet it might just be the new way to enjoy smoking. As you will know, smoking isn’t good for your health but most don’t want to give up either. However, at work, smoking can cause several issues and for employers it’s getting to a point where they want to ban smoking entirely. You cannot blame employers and office owners as to why they want to stop smoking on premises but will it happen? You never know what could happen because there is a real cost to smoking at work. Not convinced, read on to find out more.

Employees Can Be Less Productive

First and foremost, when an employee wants to smoke, he or she must leave the office and go outside. That takes several minutes to go outside and then another five or more minutes to smoke and finish the cigarette before taking another few minutes to get back to their desk. It might not seem much but for employers it is costing them a fortune. What is more, it’s less productive for the employer as the employee is leaving their post to smoke so they are essentially losing money every second they are away from their desk. That is why a vaporizer pen has become a big necessity and why more employers are welcoming it too. click here for more details.

A Big Distraction

However, what a lot of employees forget is that smoking can in fact be a distraction, even when not outside. Really, when someone wants to smoke, they start thinking about it and end up distracted from what’s important. In an office, this is potentially costly and that’s a big concern for most employers as it means they’re losing money because the employee is distracted and being less productive. It is really a big money-spender so there needs to be something else to turn their attention back to work. A vapor pen is really a good alternative as it can be used indoors and is less annoying for a lot of people too. It may be something to consider when it comes to losing money today. for more details, visit :

The Cost of Smoking in the Workplace

Consider Using a Vaporizer Pen to Keep the Costs Low

When at work, you might want to think about using a vapor pen. These pens are very much like a natural cigarette with the exception that they are electronic and don’t produce actual smoke. They can in fact be used in a variety of places indoors so it may be the ideal solution. You have to remember, when you leave the office or factory floor to smoke a cigarette you are taking time away from your job. That is essentially going to cost the employers money and if you do this on a constant basis, it’s a lot of money to lose.

You Must Look At Other Ways to Smoke

Smoking in the workplace is really very costly. You have dozens of people who want to smoke but they have to go outdoors in order to do so which means unmanned stations and it’s a lot of money to lose. It’s quite a concern for a lot of employers and for that reason, there needs to be something new to prevent this loss. Vaping pens really are the new fad and there is no sign of them slowing down. A vaporizer pen might not appeal to everyone but it could help reduce costs at work.…