When electronic cigarettes reach the market, they seem to be a boon to smokers: all the pleasure of smoking cigarettes and none, or at least less, of health risks. You are just breathing in pure water vapor and nicotine, the ads said. However, have those claims been maintained since electronic cigarettes were introduced in the United States and European markets ten years ago? Science is a bit more problematical than it appears, with scientists struggling tenaciously to strongly regulate electronic cigarettes, and others promoting them as the best device to quit smoking.

What Are Vape Mods?

The word mod came about as vape enthusiasts built or changed their own e-cigarette. The manufacturers saw the developing popularity of these and began to manufacture devices manufactured in mass. This made the power of modified e-cigarettes much more available. Modifications now come in a huge range of forms and, for some, with a wide range of features.

Why Use a Vape Mod?

  • They Look Good

There are many vapers who have no idea how to use the progressive features of their mods, but they love the look, size, and ambiance of a mod.

  • More Power, More Steam

Normally, vape mods have a much higher power range than a standard e-cigarette and may be used with low resistance atomizers, which means that more steam can be produced.

  • More Control

Advanced functions provide much more control over the vaping knowledge. For instance, some vape mods let you modify the speed at which the coil heats up.

  • Battery Life Is Essential to You

Modifications often come with much larger battery capacities, and generally last much longer between charges, even though the right life depends on the power level with which you are using it. See more.

Reasons to Not Use a Vape Mod

  • Massive Power Is Not Essential to You

With the overview of devices such as Halo Tank 02 and Aspire PockeX, now you can get a good sub ohm experience without the need for a mod, and you do not require to take your vaping experience to limits.

  • Does Not Need Advanced Functions

Several vapers, particularly those who are not involved in the vaping subculture, do not use or understand the advanced functions included in many vape mods.

  • You Want Something Easy to Use

Some mods are usually hard to use. When you create something simple, select one of the easiest modes or choose a simpler one.

  • The Power vs. Size Tradeoff

With all mods and e-cig batteries, there is a tradeoff between size and power, and most vape mods are not as light and compact as the modest e-cigarettes models. There are small mods available, but the battery won’t last as long or give the performance of a greater mod.


Almost all e-cigarette mods are loaded with tons of functions, ranging from the basics such as variable wattage to useful extras such as direct pass loading to things that not everyone will require as a stealth mode. Therefore, when you choose an e-cigarette, it is useful to learn a little about every function to provide you a great idea of what is most important to you. Click here for more information: https://vapeanalyst.com/best-vape-mods